Wind Turbines Around Dallas - Fort Worth, TX

While wind power are free, harnessing a wind turbine can be very expensive, and it’s up to heavy haul trucks to bring each part of these enormous wind turbines to their destination. The delicate nature of transporting wind turbines and their parts requires working with a reliable trucking company that’s dedicated to safety and security. In addition, the company should also be able to obtain various permits and adhere to safety regulations.

Wind turbine equipment transportation

There are different challenges to overcome when you’re in the heavy-haul transport business. The hauler should have trucks that can handle the excess weight of the items or equipment that you need transported. Hauling wind turbines — as well as their parts, such as tower sections, wind blades or nacelles — from one state to the other can be a long and tiring task, so you need to get in touch with proper freighters that can cater to your needs.

Safety is also a top priority when choosing heavy-duty trucks to transport your wind turbine. Our loaders and haul trucks are built for safety and reliability, and our ergonomic equipment offers low costs per ton.

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But even before we start to load the freight, there are several state DOT compliance checks that the hauler must go through. To get permits, these are required by the federal, state and local governments for oversized or overweight loads.

Stay Safe and Visible

Make sure your windshields are clean so that your operator visibility is as high as it can be. Before leaving, make sure that your equipment is tied down and secure, in order to minimize the possibility of it sliding off and injuring other people — especially when the vehicle is going for a curve, turn, or travelling at high speeds. Be careful to keep a steady pace to prevent your vehicle from swaying and going out of control.

We’ll Haul Wherever You Need

When you need big transport for your cargo in the Dallas - Fort Worth area, you can rely on Euless B&B Wrecker Service to get the job done properly. With 27 heavy-lifting trucks, we’re more than prepared to assist you. We even have flatbeds ready and if you require additional hauling services, we have dispatchers available. We can make sure that all of the trucks will respond quickly and properly, especially when you need to transport wind turbines — in whole or in parts.

In case of emergencies, we also offer roadside assistance or emergency towing, should you need it , and we're available 24/7, so you can be sure that you will always have our attention and care at any given time.

We offer heavy haul solutions to safely transport oversized equipment around the country. Whether its tower sections, wind blades, nacelles—as long as we can safely strap it down we can transport it to where it needs to go. We service all of Dallas/Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, so give us a call at 817-857-6344 or check out contact Euless Wrecker.