How to Remain Safe While Waiting for 24 Hour Towing Service

24 Hour Towing Service

Should you ever become the unfortunate victim of a car accident, there are two important things you have to keep in mind. First, you should move your car in a safe spot and then call the towing company for help afterwards. However, what do you do while waiting for the tow truck to arrive?

Drivers who are unsure of what to do after making the call are placed in a very dangerous position. If they don’t act fast, it is possible for oncoming traffic to hit them or their cars and cause another road incident. Don’t make that mistake and handle your situation correctly.

Here are the things you should do to remain safe while waiting for roadside assistance.

Be Mindful of the Traffic

The conditions of the road will determine whether it’s safe to get out of your car or not. If you’re on a country road, there’s no problem to get out of your car and check your surroundings. If you’re stuck in heavy traffic, it’s safer to stay in your car with the seatbelt on.

Make Yourself Visible

To be seen by other drivers is your top priority when your car breaks down. Being visible reduces the risk of creating traffic collisions and other accidents. After you’ve parked your car in a safe location, turn your hazard lights on immediately. These lights can be seen from afar and alert nearing cars of your situation. Once drivers notice the flashing lights, they can move away and drive carefully around you. You may also want to put down emergency warning triangles, safety cones or flares behind your vehicle if you have them in your car. Just be sure that the road is clear from heavy traffic.

Gather Important and Valuable Items

Waiting for the tow truck to arrive gives you the opportunity to grab important items and valuables in your car. Check your glove box or the other compartments in your vehicle and look for the following:

  • Insurance papers
  • Sensitive documents (e.g. work files, birth certificate, etc.)
  • IDs (e.g. office ID, license, etc.)
  • Electronic devices (e.g. laptops and cellphones)

You need to take this step seriously and be precautious with your belongings.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Take into consideration the weather, time of day and your surroundings while waiting. If you’re stranded in an unknown location, be wary of people who are offering their assistance. If it’s too dark outside, stay inside your vehicle and let your hazard lights warn the oncoming traffic about your predicament. If your car broke down during winter, keep the doors and windows closed and find a way to stay warm.

Confirm the Identity of the Tow Service Technician before Accepting Help

24 Hour Towing Service

Once the towing company arrives, it can still be unsafe to get out of the car right away. It’s difficult to trust everyone these days, and sometimes there are suspicious characters nearby just waiting for the opportunity to dupe you. When you call the towing service, ask for the name of the person who’s going to assist you and ask for a few of the technician’s features. The gathered information will help you identify the technician easier. When help arrives, ask for their name and what company they’re working for. If the technician looks like what the phone operator described and answered your questions correctly, then it’s okay to accept their assistance.

Knowing what to do after you’ve made a call to the towing service puts you in a safe position. It reassures you that you won’t get hit by a car or be led on by shady individuals who say that they’re there to help you.

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