Stuck? 4 Things to Do to Get Vehicles Out of the Mud

Man lifting car stuck in mudGetting a vehicle stuck in mud is one of the worst things that can happen to any driver. Whether you’re driving a standard sedan or a trailer truck, the frustration is the same. Thankfully, there are several ways to get a vehicle out and running again. Here are 4 of them:

1. Drive Out, the Right Way

The main reason why vehicles get stuck in the mud is the lack of traction between the wheel and the mud, causing the car to remain in the rut. By trying to get out, drivers make the mistake of accelerating too fast. The tires then end up spinning wildly, losing more traction instead of gaining it.

Hence, when stuck in the mud, you should drive slowly first. This allows the vehicle to gain traction bit-by-bit, slowly but surely helping the car get out of the mud.

2. Get Some Traction

Thankfully, some household supplies can be used to create that necessary traction. These include sand, kitty litter, and rock salt. Simply pour these over the front of the power tires to create a rough surface for better traction.

Another alternative is to use the car’s floor mats or an old blanket. Lay them in front of the tires—for floor mats, facedown—and drive the vehicle out, over them. However, make sure to tell everyone to stand away from the car, as the mat may fly out. Be also prepared to buy a new set of floor mats, for they can get damaged in the process.

4. Pull It Out

It doesn’t hurt to ask a friend with another vehicle to help. Use another vehicle to pull the stuck car out. Just make sure that both vehicles are tied securely with a recovery strap. If such a strap is unavailable, a strong rope that can withstand several thousand pounds of pressure will do. You don't want the rope to break!

Also, make sure both vehicles are tied together in secure spots. Do not attach the rope or chain to parts that may come off or get damaged, such as the bumper or parts of the vehicle’s suspension.

5. Call the Professionals

If all these methods fail, or the vehicle is too big for these quick fixes, it’s best to seek professional assistance. Companies offering vehicle recovery services have a range of equipment to get vehicles out, whatever their size. After all, slipping floor mats under big trucks may not be enough.

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