The Advantages of Flatbed Towing

a flatbed tow truck carrying a car

You know it is time to bring out the “big guns” when you are facing a big problem. Roads and highways become dangerous locations once vehicles come into play. Whatever the flow of the traffic or the weather be, vehicles can create some of the worst accidents. From bumper to bumper, to head on collisions, the aftermath of such accidents is both terrifying and challenging; especially when human lives are involved.

When human lives are involved, the witnesses of the accident always dial 911 for an emergency ambulance to be immediately dispatched to the scene. The ambulance is built to transport victims to the hospital, so that the victims of the accident can be treated with immediate care; but have you even thought about the vehicles that were affected in the accident? What happens to them?   

When it comes to vehicle related accidents or problems, contacting towing services will give you the push you need to get your car running again. Tow trucks are the only big rigs that can handle the weight of your car, and they are designed in such a manner that makes transporting vehicles an easy task. However, did you know that there are various types of trucks and vehicle accessories that can tow your vehicle?

Different types of tow trucks

Dolly/ Tow Dollies – Mostly recommended for front-wheel drive vehicles. Automobiles that are on the dollies are attached to the back of another vehicle; acting as if these cars were playing the “follow the leader” game. Dollies are connected via the car’s wheels; lifting its front wheels off the pavements.

Hook & Chain – Vehicles that are attached by the hook & chain also follow the vehicle pulling them, but instead of attaching the front wheels of the car, they are attached to the axles or frames of the vehicle.

Flatbed – Carries the whole vehicle throughout the journey.

Why The Flatbed is The Better Choice

Among the three types, flatbeds have a greater advantage when it comes to speed, versatility, convenience, and safety.

Flatbeds are faster because you only rely on the speed of the rig. The vehicle does not slow or speed up the truck, because it is being carried by the truck itself. It is versatile and convenient because the size, weight, and type do not matter; making it able to carry any type of vehicle known to man. Lastly, it is safer than the other options, because the vehicle is safe from harm’s way. It will not experience any damages along the way.

When it comes to choosing which rig best fits the situation, you always have to consider the safety of your car. That is why among the three options, flatbeds is the best choice.

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