What are the Common Issues for Car Breakdowns and Towing?

Common Issues for Car Breakdowns and Towing

Even though you’re cautious while driving on the road, you might encounter some unexpected car trouble. Your vehicle could stop abruptly while in the middle of the freeway, and you’re often left wondering “why?” or “how?” When this happens, you typically call a professional towing service to bring your car to the nearest mechanic or back home, so you can inspect the problem for yourself. However, most car troubles can easily be avoided as long as you’re prepared.

Many things could happen while you’re driving, but there are a handful of common issues that can cause your car to breakdown. Knowing what they are will help you in the future, so these problems can be prevented while you’re on the road.

Here’s a list of typical issues you might encounter while on the road.

Flat or Blown Tire

Every car owner experiences a flat or blown tire sometime in their life, so it’s good to keep a spare tire and a tool kit in the trunk. Flat tires often occur when your tires meet a sharp object on the road or when they’re plainly worn out. As for blown tires, they’re caused by overloading, impact damage, or a massive cut that leads to rapid air loss.

Engine Failure or Overheating Engine

Engine failure is often caused by detonation and improper engine lubrication. Abnormal combustion produces excess heat and pressure within the combustion chamber, causing a loud knocking noise in the engine. While insufficient lubrication results in excessive metal on metal contact in the engine. On the other hand, an overheating engine can be caused by a coolant leak. When the temperature of your engine gets too hot, it causes several parts to fail.

To prevent your engine from overheating and failing, make it a habit to have your vehicle serviced regularly. You also have to inspect your car to see if your engine is experiencing any problems.

Transmission Failure

Transmission failure is often caused by lack of regular maintenance. You have to make sure that the transmission fluid is always topped up to avoid putting stress on the transmission components.

Alternator Issues

An electrical failure can also bring your car to a halt. Flickering headlights, having trouble starting the engine, battery failure, and strange noises could mean that there are problems with the alternator. The best way to avoid encountering issues with your alternator is to have your vehicle regularly serviced.

No Fuel

You can’t always trust your fuel gauges to tell you if you’re running out of fuel, especially if your car is old. Sometimes long traffic can also eat up your gas, so make it a habit to keep your tank topped up.

Dead Battery

You won’t encounter a dead battery when your car is in motion, but it could happen if your car’s parked or just stalling. A dead battery is often the sign of the battery’s life cycle ending, but you can revive it if you have jumper cables and a friendly driver to give you a boost. If your battery continues dying, it means that there’s a bigger problem at hand. It’s best to call for roadside assistance if your battery just won’t start.

Malfunctioning Fuel Pump

Your fuel pump can act up if your car’s under a lot of stress (e.g. climbing a steep incline). An engine surge or the sudden slowing down of your engine are early warning signs of an aging fuel pump. You need to have the pump changed or serviced in order for your car to continue moving.

Knowing these common car troubles gives you the opportunity to be ready on the road. With regular car maintenance and checkups, you can avoid creating or encountering these problems while on the road. However, if your vehicle just can’t start and is stuck on the roads in North Texas, contact Euless B&B Wrecker Service pronto.

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