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Euless B&B Wrecker Service provides a variety of towing services throughout North Texas. With roadside assistance, towing and wrecker services, automobile auctions, and an emergency response team to serve you 24 hours a day, we can handle any wrecker service needs you may have. We have a variety of towing trucks available to handle any job from hauling airplanes and helicopters to army tanks and boats. There is no hauling job that Euless B&B Wrecker's professional team cannot handle.

Not only will Euless B&B Wrecker Service provide all of your towing services, we have a long line of other professional services to offer including roadside assistance. If you ever lock yourself out of your car, get a flat tire, or even need a jump start, Euless B&B Wrecker Service is the business to call. Our 24-hour state of the art dispatch system is ready to send a team member to your aid at any given moment. We have a fleet of 27 trucks, multi-camera monitoring system on our 7-acre storage lot to ensure safety and security for every piece of property stored on the lot.

Euless B&B Wrecker Vehicle Assistance and Towing Services:

If you need towing or wrecker services anywhere in North Texas, contact us at Euless B&B Wrecker Services today and give us a call at 817-857-6344 for emergency towing and vehicle assistance.

Customer Reviews from
Mohamed A
4 Stars
Mar 2nd, 2020
Howard K
5 Stars
Feb 19th, 2020
Best in town 15 min response time.
Trish M
4 Stars
Feb 18th, 2020
Nash L
4 Stars
Jan 26th, 2020
Gave me a small break on a lockout.
Nik K
5 Stars
Dec 16th, 2019
Guys were really helpful. No BS.
Nino B
5 Stars
Nov 23rd, 2019
Elizabeth F
5 Stars
Nov 21st, 2019
Thought my car needed a tow, thank goodness Joe thought to jump my battery before needing a tow.
Mike T
5 Stars
Nov 11th, 2019
They get the job done.
Cato L
5 Stars
Nov 6th, 2019
Julie M
5 Stars
Oct 19th, 2019
Thank you so much, Billy, for helping us get into my son's car so he could get to work & open up the shop this morning. You definitely had it opened quickly but most of all I appreciated The calmness you brought to the situation.
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