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Light Duty Towing Fort Worth, Dallas & Throughout TX

Light Duty Towing Fort Worth, Dallas & Throughout TX

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a reliable towing service that can readily respond to your call for assistance. Having your car stall on the highway or having to transport your SUV to another location are just some of the common scenarios we encounter when situations call for some light duty towing.

Euless B&B Wrecker Service has a trusted fleet of Low Center of Gravity trucks that are always available to provide towing assistance anywhere not only within the North Texas area, but throughout the state of Texas. Given the specific need for light duty towing, our trucks are designed for long distance hauling, as well as for local moving cars, SUVs and other small to medium-sized vehicles.

Our trucks have specialized equipment that can easily load and unload vehicles while ensuring that they are kept damage-free and serviceable during transport. We also have low clearance variants, which can enter above ground or underground parking garages and get your vehicle out of any tight situation.

Our trusted dispatchers are ready to receive any calls for assistance 24/7. For more details regarding our light duty towing services, feel free to get in touch with us at 817-857-6344 or through our Contact Us page.