Towing Services for Antique Cars in DFW & North Texas

Antique Cars Towing Services in Fort Worth, Dallas, & Throughout Texas

Looking at antique cars is such a joyous thing for some people. The only thing better than looking at antique cars, is owning one. For a lot of car collectors and vintage car owners, getting their hands on a 1937 Packard in immaculate condition is like winning the lottery. Not only does a vehicle like this look, feel, and sound gorgeous -- people will most likely never see another one like it again. However, there is always a downside to owning something as old and precious as an El Camino or another vintage or antique automobile. The cost of maintaining these beauties is very high and they need to be handled with the utmost care when they’re being serviced.

Car owners will do their best to use their antique vehicles less or keep them on display. But the urge to bring them out on the road can be difficult to resist. Once on the highway, there’s a significant chance that the car will experience a problem, be it an engine mishap or a flat tire. Since you risk damaging your vintage car by attempting to repair it yourself, the smart thing to do is to ask for professional assistance in towing your antique car. This is where we, at Euless B&B Wrecker Service, come in. We have the equipment and expertise to handle all antique vehicles with care so you can get them safely off the road and into the garage for repairs.

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Euless B&B Wrecker Takes Care of Your Precious Vehicles

Whenever you and your antique vehicle run into tight situations, don’t hesitate to contact Euless B&B Wrecker Service right away. Our rigs may be big and tough, but they will treat your timeless vehicle as delicately and as carefully as possible. All of our drivers follow the rules of the road, so you can expect a safe transit for your prized possession.

Euless B&B Wrecker’s professional towing service can transport your vehicle to your preferred mechanic, no matter what size, type, or condition your vintage vehicle may be in. Additionally, we also offer transportation services for car owners who want to move their antique vehicles from one garage to another, or to safely transport them to car shows and back home. Need our assistance in times of trouble? Just give us a call at 817-857-6344 and we’ll be on our way. Our towing and transport emergency services are available 24/7 so you never have to worry about being stuck. Our services are available in Fort Worth, Dallas, and throughout North Texas.