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Car Maintenance Mistakes

When you own a car, you must take care of it and observe routine maintenance requirements. Failure to do so will create problems that can be costly for you and dangerous to other motorists on the road.

Car Maintenance MistakesWhile most drivers try to maintain their vehicles as best as they can, misinformation can lead to car troubles on and off the road. Overlooking or ignoring established maintenance routines for your car will trigger this problem. To minimize your problems, here are some common car maintenance mistakes to avoid:

  • Neglecting to check your tire pressure – Improper tire pressure creates multiple car problems. Under-inflated tires can cause you to use more fuel while over-inflated tires can make your ride bouncy. In both situations, you're also more prone to tire blowouts because of improper wear patterns. Under-inflated tires wear out more on the outside while over-inflated tires wear out faster in the middle of the tire.
  • Not checking your brakes regularly – Faulty brakes cause a lot of deaths and injuries in the US, with hundreds of injuries each year attributed to this issue. Don’t become a part of this statistic. Check your brakes, or have it checked by a professional, at least once every six months.
  • Forgetting regular oil changes – The oil in your car must remain clean to do its job properly. Dirty oil leads to the breakdown of engine parts. Most manufacturers recommend an oil change every three months or every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. When you have reached these benchmarks without an oil change, it is time for one. Not changing your oil when your car needs it opens up the possibility of engine damage and failure that will lead to costly repairs.
  • Ignoring warning lights on your dashboard – When you see warning lights on your dashboard (typically yellow or red), you should take heed. Ignoring that "check engine" message could cause your car to overheat, which would create serious damage. When these lights appear, something is wrong and you should address it immediately.

These are just some of the mistakes people make when it comes to caring for their vehicles. You should always take good care of your ride so it can serve you for as long as possible without breaking down. When you find yourself with car trouble in North Texas, one company that you should always have on your phone’s speed dial is Euless Wrecker. Aside from being able to tow your vehicle, we also offer other services such as roadside assistance for lockouts, flat tire changing, and assistance for when you need to jump-start your vehicle. Simply contact us at 817-857-6344 and our able-bodied personnel will be there to help you out.