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Army Tank Transport

At Euless B&B Wrecker Service, we have had over forty years of experience in the towing and recovery of practically any vehicle on the road, and even in vehicles meant to be in the air, like airplanes and helicopters. We pride ourselves in stepping up to any challenge, and that includes the transport of heavy equipment like army tanks. 

As you can imagine, an army tank is a special load and its transport should be left to a professional you can trust to handle it in a safe and secure manner. The difficulty of its transport lies in some of the state regulations regarding the weight limit allowed on trailers and transport trucks. These guidelines ensure not only the safety of the equipment being transported, but also the safety of the general population, as well as the people performing the transporting. 

Loads that are heavier than the state limit may require the need of special permits and licenses to allow trailers to transport them. Weight overload is also a serious consideration in the transport of such heavy cargo, which is why you should leave moving them to a professional company that knows what they're doing!

Euless B&B Wrecker Service is not only equipped with the right tools and manpower for the job, but we also do things by the book. With so much experience in transport, towing and recovery, you can be sure that your heavy cargo will arrive at its destination in the exact same state you that entrusted us with it.

We follow all the necessary safety and security regulations required by law and go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that your army tank makes it from its point of origin to its destination swiftly and safely. Our drivers and other personnel have been trained specifically to fulfill any request, and the right vehicle can be dispatched to your location within minutes of your phone call to 817-857-6344.

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