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Oil and Gas Equipment Around Dallas and Fort Worth

Hauling heavy loads safely is no laughing matter it always takes the right equipment, the right driver, the right escorts and proper permits and licenses to consider, in order for transportation to move as smoothly as possible.

There are cases in which an oil and gas may be far away from certain areas, and when establishing an oil and gas seems like a complicated task for everyone involved, this is when the shipment of supplies becomes a necessity.

Oil and gas hauling takes more than just a tractor and a flatbed; it also requires the proper trailers and well-trained riggers who can properly secure large and costly equipment, and you also need reliable drivers who can handle large loads with ease and expertly drive them off of the highway, back towards the site.

Safety Hauling Tips

  • Thorough preparation for moving the heavy oil and gas equipment is a must
  • Ensure that the load is safely secured and is distributed properly on the trailer, before it can even leave the yard
  • Be sure that your drivers are thoroughly trained in securing heavy loads safely, and that they can also operate the equipment they are hauling, since they may also have to load and unload precious cargo.
  • Allow ample room for obtaining all the proper permits required for the heavy-haul job
  • Run routes in advance so that you can get a feel for the obstacles that may arise early on, and learn how to deal with them accordingly.
  • This is where we come in. We understand the needs that the oil industry shipping demands; and with our loaders and haul trucks especially made with your safety, reliability and productivity in mind, we have ergonomic equipment that offers quite a lot of space for its size, with low costs per ton.
Safety Hauling Tips

Here When You Need It

When you need big transport for big cargo, one thing's for sure: you can count on Euless B&B Wrecker Service to get the job done right. With one of our 27 trucks, we're always ready to assist you in heavy hauling. We also have flatbeds ready, and if you need any extra hauling done, we also have dispatchers on standby, so that one of our trucks can always respond quickly and effectively, especially when it comes to transporting precious cargo. We can even offer you some roadside assistance, should you ever need it.

So if you need help in hauling some very important equipment, or if you just need some emergency towing done, you can be sure that Euless B&B Wrecker Service is always ready to support you. We also have 24/7 services available, so if you live around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or in the surrounding area, be sure to call us at 817-857-6344. If you have any other concerns, you can also get in touch with us using our contact page.