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Flatbed Hauling Around Dallas and Fort Worth

Flatbed Hauling around Dallas and Fort Worth

Flatbed trucking can be considered one of the hardest jobs in the hauling industry. It goes without saying that handling a huge vehicle like a flatbed is no easy feat. With over several tons of cargo on hand, utmost care and precision must be made when transporting cargo that is handed over to you by your client.

If you have heavy loads in need of transport, you can rely on Euless B&B Wrecker Service to get the job done right. Out of the 27 trucks at our disposal, we have several flatbeds ready to heed your call for assistance. Need anything hauled around Texas? We have dispatchers ready to send out our flatbeds at a moment’s notice.

One of the bigger challenges in heavy equipment hauling is making sure that any cargo placed on the flatbed is properly secured and won’t be damaged during transport. Depending on the size of the freight, improper tie downs can lead to major accidents and put lives and property at risk. Fortunately, our service crews are trained professionals and have had years of experience when it comes to securing and transporting all types of cargo.

Whether it’s steel, lumber, vehicles or even military equipment, Euless B&B Wrecker Service is more than ready to take on anything you need hauled. Our service is available 24/7, so no matter what time of the day, we are available as soon as you call. For more information regarding our flatbed hauling service, leave an inquiry at our Contact Us page or call us at 817-857-6344.