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Storage Freights Around Dallas and Fort Worth

Transporting storage freights can be a delicate job. Whether you need us to transfer an important museum exhibit, a special store display, or extra inventory, we’ll make sure to take it where it needs to go. You can also expect the special freight to be accessible whenever you need it.

We understand that storing and delivering special items requires the highest level of care. In heavy haul trucking, we make it our business to carefully plan routes so that all our deliveries are made on time and will arrive in one piece.

Safety is Our Priority

When traveling on public roads and highways, it’s important that you stay visible, and our trucks are clearly marked with the term SMV (Slow-Moving Vehicle) as our emblem. This is the reflective orange and red triangle seen on the back of a truck, and it signals other people to be careful because we’re carrying heavy items and moving slowly.

Storage Freights Around Dallas and Fort Worth
High Visibility

High Visibility

When transporting cargo, we take care of poor visibility by making sure our windshields are clean and that our operator visibility is as high as it can be. Rolling hills, bumps in the road, corners and other blind spots can reduce a motorist’s ability to distinguish heavy haul trucks when they are pulling into a roadway or trying to make a turn.

The slow speed is needed because if we tow any equipment too quickly, it may begin to sway. The last thing we want is for the operator to lose control of the vehicle and send the storage freight flying. This can result in a lot of hurt motorists and pedestrians.

To prevent this, we’ll securely fasten our storage freight with a heavy chain, thick and long enough to allow a full turn without the danger of it moving around.

When you come to us with heavy-duty items that need transporting (such as mining equipment, wind turbines or storage tanks), we’re more than ready to find a solution and to take your precious cargo to wherever it needs to go. We’ll get all the necessary permits and assign only the most skilled drivers to make sure that your cargo gets to its destination safely.

The Real Heavyweight Lifters

When you need strong transportation for storage freights and other cargo in Dallas Fort Worth, you can always rely on us, Euless B&B Wrecker Service, to get the job done. We have over 27 heavy-lifting trucks, always ready to be of assistance. We also have flatbeds ready to go, and we have dispatchers available for any additional hauling services. We can even offer emergency roadside assistance.