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Why Won't My Car Start?

This is a question people ask when they find themselves behind the wheel of a vehicle that isn't going anywhere. When your car won't start, you can't make it to work on time, run errands or do anything else until you address the problem with your vehicle.

Why Won't My Car Start?There are several reasons why a car won’t start. The most common ones include:

  • Dead Battery – You can tell your battery is dead if all you hear as you turn the key in the ignition is a click or sputtering. You can also tell that your battery has no electricity when all electrical components in your car won’t come on. There are many reasons why batteries die, with headlights being left on overnight a leading cause.
  • Ignition Switch Problems – If the lights, radio, and other electrical features of your car work but the vehicle does not start, there is a strong possibility that your ignition switch is faulty.
  • Faulty Alternator - Your car’s alternator keeps your battery charged as you drive. When there is a problem with your alternator, your vehicle will run without your battery recharging as you drive around. When you turn your engine off and try to restart your car, it will not start.
  • Empty Gas Tank – When you find yourself running so many errands that you forget to check the level of fuel in your tank, you can run out of gas. If you find that you are out of gas, which the indicator on your dashboard will tell you, you simply need to get more gas for your tank.

When you find yourself with a car that will not start in North Texas, the company to call to get you going again is Euless Wrecker. We have a roadside assistance service that can help you get your vehicle restarted. If you need a jumpstart, are locked out of your vehicle, or have a flat tire that you don’t know how to handle, we have a quick response team that can help you. If you can’t figure out why your car won’t start, and it needs to be towed, we also have a towing service that you can rely on.

For those instances when you need help with your vehicle, we can be there for you in an instant. Just contact us at 817-857-6344