24-Hour Roadside Assistance vs. 24-Hour Towing

Whenever your car breaks down while you’re on the highway, the first thing you need to do is park your car in a safe area and find out what’s causing the problem. After checking your vehicle thoroughly, you have to make the decision of either waiting for other drivers to help you or call for professional vehicle assistance. Between the two, however, calling the experts is still very much preferred since professional 24-hour roadside assistance and 24-hour towing companies know exactly what to do to get you out of your situation.

Although both 24-hour roadside assistance and 24-hour towing can assist you and your car, they also provide very different services. It’s important that you know their differences, so you can save time and money when you experience car trouble.

24-hour Roadside Assistance

24-hour roadside assistance can be acquired from a comprehensive auto insurance plan. The roadside assistance or breakdown coverage offers quick response services if you’re ever caught stranded on the road with your non-operating vehicle. With 24-hour roadside assistance, you can request for one of the following:

  • Flat tire change
  • Battery jump-start
  • Locksmith service
  • Fuel delivery
  • Towing service

For continuous use of this service, policyholders have to pay for it monthly, whether they use it or not. Some individuals might find the coverage a costly expense, but it could ease the financial burden if you’ve encountered several roadside problems in a month.

It’s also good to take note that many US states and their Departments of Transportation have organized government-run Highway Assistance Patrols or Highway Safety Patrols. Law enforcement personnel assist in highway emergencies and offer free services to motorists in distress. However, they only provide specific kinds of aid. These include:

24 Hour Towing Service

  • Securing lanes of traffic
  • Provide emergency medical assistance
  • Request for a tow truck if the vehicle is left in a bad location
  • Remove debris from roadway after a crash
  • Resolve minor vehicle problems (e.g. flat tires, jump-starts, pushing of disabled vehicle out of traffic lanes)

24-Hour Towing

24-hour towing may be a provided service in roadside assistance plans, but you don’t have to be an auto insurance holder to receive towing assistance. Many towing companies operate individually and sometimes offer a one-time free towing service. However, 24-hour towing services can’t repair your vehicle on the road. They can only tow your car to the nearest or your preferred mechanic or back to your home.

The next time your vehicle breaks down, you know which service to call. By contacting the right company, not only will you save time and money but your vehicle’s condition as well. If you ever encounter car trouble on the roads in North Texas, be sure to contact Euless B&B Wrecker Service. Both our roadside assistance and towing services operate on a 24/7 basis and can assist vehicles of any class and size. Just give us a call at 817-857-6344 and we’ll be on our way to your location quickly.