An airplane being towed by Euless B&B Wrecker.

Airplane & Helicopter Transport Dallas & North Texas Areas

Airplanes and helicopters are understandably meant to be airborne. On the ground, they need to be moved with the use of specialized towing vehicles for both economical and environmental purposes. A plane uses a lot of fuel and gas as it taxis on the ground, which makes towing it a more practical and environmentally-sound option. 

a prop plane with the wings folded up, sitting on a multi-axle flat bed.

Conventional tractors can be used to pull planes by connecting a tow bar to the plane's nose gear. Another way of transport is with the use of a tow barless tractor, which securely carries the front wheel of the plane, allowing for safe movement and causing less wear on the aircraft by lifting the plane's nose wheel.

Because planes and helicopters make for extraordinarily heavy loads, special vehicles and fittings are required to move them safely from one place to another. Euless B&B Wrecker Services have the equipment and knowledge necessary to get these massive machines from point A to point B.

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With an unparalleled record of over forty years in the business, you can be sure that your planes and helicopters are in good and trustworthy hands.

An airplane being towed by Euless B&B Wrecker.

An airplane being towed by Euless B&B Wrecker.Our 24 hour operation comprises of a fleet of twenty-seven trucks and other specialized equipment designed to handle any situation – from tons, super duties, flatbeds, heavy duty and service trucks, Landoll trailers, and so on. These trucks are fitted for various jobs that allow towing and recovery under any and all circumstances. We have a talented and competent team of twenty full-time drivers who have been trained extensively to handle any service requested of them, big or small.

Call Euless B&B Wrecker Services now at 817-857-6344 for efficient, immediate, and reliable towing services in the North Texas area. Our customer service representatives are always ready to assist you, and the appropriate vehicle can be dispatched within minutes of your call. You can also reach us via our Contact Us page.

An airplane being towed by Euless Wrecker.

An airplane being towed by Euless Wrecker.
An airplane being towed.