Agricultural Equipment Around Dallas and Fort Worth

Agricultural Equipment Around Dallas and Fort Worth

When you need trucks that you can count on for transporting heavy agricultural equipment, safety is always your number one priority. Be mindful that travelling on public roads and highways is absolutely necessary when moving from one site to another. Because farm vehicles aren't operated at high speeds, it's vital that others may identify them, especially when you're on a busy road populated with other motor vehicles.

If your speed is less than 25 mph, then your vehicle should be clearly marked with the SMV (Slow-Moving Vehicle) emblem, as a precaution. This is the reflective orange and red triangle on the back of a tractor, and it signals other people to be careful. It's also important to get a permit, as these are required at night, between sunset and sunrise.

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This permit is also required when travelling on any provincial highway and when the equipment loaded onto the vehicle exceeds 2.6m wide.

Stay Safe, Stay Visible

Take care of poor visibility by ensuring that your windshields are clean, so that operator visibility is as high as possible. Corners, rolling hills and other blind spots may reduce a motorist's ability to distinguish farm and ranch equipment travelling on the road, or pulling into a roadway.

It is important to ensure that one has the proper transport techniques by securely tying down equipment on the truck bed, as there is a risk of the equipment sliding off and injuring others when going for a turn, a curve, or when travelling at high speed.

Be careful and keep a steady pace when towing, because if you tow the equipment too quickly, it may start to sway, and the last thing you want as an operator is to lose control.

Aside from securely fastening the equipment down with a heavy chain, it's important to make sure that the chains are long enough to allow a full turn, but are short enough to prevent dragging along the road. Being mindful of the weight of the equipment the truck will be carrying is important, and making sure that the chains are strong enough to keep it steady and secure while travelling.

If a truck needs an escort vehicle, it is crucial that it has four-way flashers that are in excellent condition, and it's important to ensure that it is located approximately 200 ft. in front of, and to the rear of, the farm equipment to be escorted.

When You Need a Heavy Lifter

When you need big transport for important cargo in Dallas Fort Worth, you can always rely on us, Euless B&B Wrecker Service, to get the job done, and done properly. With one of our heavy-lifting 27 trucks, we're always ready for assistance. We also have flatbeds ready to go, and if you require any additional hauling services done, there are dispatchers readily available. This ensures that all of our trucks can respond quickly and properly, especially when it comes to transporting important agricultural equipment. If you need any, we can even offer roadside assistance.

If you're in need of someone to carry lumber, vehicles, equipment, steel, or even if you just need some emergency towing done, you can be sure that we at Euless B&B Wrecker Service will be here for you. With 24/7 service, you can be sure that you will always have our undivided attention. For additional information or inquiries, or if you're in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, or in the surrounding areas, do call us at 817-857-6344 or check out our contact us page.