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Advantages of Using Trucks to Transport Helicopters and Airplanes 

Helicopters and airplanes are made to fly. Unfortunately, there are only limited options of ferrying new flying vehicles out of the factory to their new owners. Using bigger planes to transport helicopters and smaller planes is beginning to be a dwindling practice. Cargo forwarders are investing less and less on large Airbuses that can handle the task since air freight is not that profitable.

Shipping these vehicles through flat-bed trucks is now a viable option and offers new owners the following distinct advantages:


Flying a helicopter in order to deliver it to its home hangar is costly since its owner will need to hire a pilot. There are also the costs of fuel involved plus the incidental ones that come with the usage of the facilities. Helicopter travel costs around 500$ per hour. Plane trips will cost around 30,000$ to 40,000$. Using these vehicles to deliver themselves is a non-productive flight since the helicopter or plane will not be paying for its costs by taking on paying passengers or doing it for business.

Getting a flatbed truck to haul airplanes and helicopters charges significantly less since there are no incidental fees to pay and fuel for land vehicles are cheaper compared to jet fuel.

Minimizes Downtime

When an aircraft is loaded onto a larger airplane as cargo, it will need to be disassembled first. It will have to be reassembled then when all its parts have been delivered to its destination. This phase will require as much as three weeks.

Loading a helicopter or a plane onto a truck requires minimal disassembly. The blades of the helicopter are the only parts disassembled so reassembly will not take long. Small airplanes have their wings detached for transport but the whole body is still intact.

Protection During Delivery

Aircraft require special care and attention from its movers. A fuselage bent by rough road conditions or improper hauling spells problems for the air-worthiness of a plane – even if it is brand new. Professional haulers use flatbed trucks that eliminate swaying and custom trailers to cover helicopters. They also cover airplanes with tarps to protect it against the elements during delivery.

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