Auto Auction Guidelines and Requirements

car that was sold during an auto auction

Being the second biggest state in the United States, riding around its open spaces in a reliable vehicle is one of the many ways to appreciate the beautiful state of Texas. Looking for the right vehicle to enjoy this experience, however, could be a hassle if you are in a tight budget or unfamiliar with the auto dealers around town. Luckily, if ever you are caught in a similar situation, there is one option you can choose and it is called auto auctions.

Auto auctions might be an off beaten path to locating the right automobile, but sometimes following your gut can get you more than what you have bargained for. The auto sales industry in Texas is as big as its state; here, each dealer offers a diverse collection of used vehicles that range from great to perfect condition and could be within the parameters of your budget. However, getting in or joining an auto auction is not a walk-in walk-out kind of deal.

If you have no idea how a standard auto auction is conducted, here are a few requirements and guidelines you must do before you are set on entering an auction.

Basic Rules and Regulations

18 and Above Only

Minors are not allowed in the premises during the auction; only those who are 18 years old and above are allowed to make a bid.

Don’t Forget to Register

You cannot just walk in the auction spontaneously; please register and pay the necessary fees beforehand in order for the bidding process to start and end smoothly.

Pay the Cash Deposit

The cash deposit can change depending on the auction. This deposit is used if ever you make a purchase; if you did not purchase anything, it will be refunded back to you after the auction. For unused cash however, it will be held for 7 days.

On the Day of Purchase

Auctions are not like department stores, wherein you can purchase the item you want on a later date. If you purchase a vehicle, you must be certain that it is the vehicle you want because once you’ve bought it, you cannot return it to its original owner and it must be taken off their hands immediately.

Your Purchase is your Responsibility

After the auction, the vehicle you purchased must be removed from the auction lot immediately; towing services are made available all around the state of Texas if you need assistance to move the unit.

What You See is what you get

All vehicles that are put up for bidding are sold as-is. There is no warranty, guarantee, refunds, or exchanges; all sales are final.

Preparing for the bid

Previewing the vehicle

For first time bidders, your goal is to get the best out of your money. To do this, you have to inspect the exterior, interior, and the performance of the vehicle that piques your interest. Look for minor damages like dents and scratches, and if the exterior prowess of the vehicle suits your taste, then it has passed the initial visual test. As for the interior, you are allowed to open the trunk, the hood compartment, and all car doors to see if the vehicle’s interior passes your standards.

To check the performance of the vehicle, listen for unpleasant sounds that could occur when you start the engine; if you have heard any rattles or squeaks, notify the seller and inquire about the reason of the problem. You are also allowed to test the vehicle around the auction’s premises to inspect the vehicle’s on-the-road performance.

The Light System

During most auctions, they utilize a light system which is attributed to the bidding condition of the vehicle.

Green: Vehicle is sound and subject to all arbitration policies

Red: Sold “as-is,” mechanically

Yellow: That the condition or equipment and limit of the arbitration have been qualified or clarified by the announcement of the auctioneer or selling representative

Blue: An assignable title does not accompany the vehicle and the seller has 30 days to provide an assignable title to the auction

Bidding for a Vehicle

It is best to check the price of the vehicle you want before the auction. You want to purchase the car for what it’s worth and not go over the right price.

The saying “the early bird gets the worm” applies when it comes to the auction lanes. Also, listen carefully to the auctioneer; they talk really fast and it may take time for you to get used to their speed.

There is a “ring man” in each auction line. They are there to smoothe out the auction process by identifying the bidders of the auctioned vehicle. They are also there to assist bidders who are having difficulty with the auction.

Do not bid unless you are sure; the vehicle you want to get is something you know you need or want; but at the same time, it must be worth your money.

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