rollover accident

Flipped – Preventing Rollover Accidents and Managing in the Aftermath of One

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the NHTSA reports that 280,000 rollover accidents happen annually. These accidents kill at least 10,000 people each year. If anything, these numbers show that when vehicles are overturned, the results are often fatal.

Euless B&B Wreckers gives the following advice in order to help you avoid this type of accident and what you can do when your car flips over:


Know Your Vehicle

Pickups, SUVs, and vans figure in most of rollover accident cases because of their tall and narrow car designs. Their tops are often loaded with extra-baggage, thereby shifting the vehicle’s center of gravity from the ground to the upper parts. Roll accidents happen when these factors combine with fast driving, tight turns, or bumps. Your being aware of these indicators, plus proper weight management of the vehicle, will keep you safe and prevent accidents from happening.

Check tires

SUVs are extra-prone to rollovers also because of the extra lateral grip of their tires. When it comes to fast turns, sliding is preferred rather than gripping. Owners of such vehicles need to buy tires that closely match the ones with which the manufacturers outfitted their cars.

Before every trip, it is also good practice to check the quality of your tires in order to avoid their being a factor in an accident.

Don't drink and drive

This one is obvious. Intoxication makes the driver careless and turns any vehicle into a hazard.

 Avoid aggressive driving

 Moderate and defensive driving promotes safety on the road. Authorities place speed limits on roads in order to minimize the occurrence of such accidents.

 Avoid distractions

 As much as possible, please avoid using gadgets or phones. Keep your focus on driving. If phones are a must, use accessories that will allow you to keep both hands on the steering wheel.

 Be extra watchful on country roads

 Country roads may not be as smoothly paved as the ones in the cities. Bumps can trip any careless, speeding vehicle into careening and overturning.

 Wear seatbelts

 In case of a rollover, seatbelts will keep your body in your seat instead of being thrown all over like a rag doll.

After a Rollover Accident

 Check for Injuries

 Once your car stops rolling over, immediately check yourself and your companions for injuries.

 Turn off Engine

 Immediately switch off your engine when your car has turned over. Put out any cigarettes and mind anything that might ignite a fire.

 Exit Vehicle

 Once you’ve determined you’re okay, check if you will be able to exit on your side door or window. Get yourself out of the car.

 Watch out for Other Cars

 Rollover survivors can get hit by incoming vehicles. Once you’re out of your car, immediately get a sense of your surroundings and move out of the road.

 Call Emergency Services

 Call 911 or emergency services in order to get help once you’re in a safe spot.

 If you’ve been involved in a rollover accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and you need to recover your vehicle, please call Euless B&B Wreckers. Our quick response dispatching team will send out one of our trucks immediately upon your call to offer roadside assistance. We will right your vehicle and tow it to the garage of your choice. With Euless B&B Wreckers, you’ve got a friend on the road.