The Benefits of a Monitored Vehicle Storage Service

If you’re going away for a long time or you have a seasonal vehicle you plan to stow away in your garage, you may want to look into driving them into a monitored vehicle storage service facility instead. Parking your car outdoors is ill-advised for plenty of reasons, chief among them security.

In this article, we are going to outline why it is necessary for you to consider getting your vehicles under the care of proper vehicle storage service:

monitored vehicle storageProtects the re-sale value of the vehicle. If you leave your vehicle outdoors, it will be vulnerable to the elements. Sun damage can set in and cause the paint job of your vehicle to fade. Storms can throw debris in your car’s way. Leaving them in your garage is also not ideal since corrosion can also set in even when the car is parked indoors.

Professionals perform maintenance while you’re gone. Who will inflate your tires while you’re away? What about your batteries? Putting your vehicle under the care of a monitored service means that there is always someone checking up on it and providing its maintenance needs. Some services even offer to drive your vehicle around the facility at set periods in order to keep corrosion in check. A professional facility is always maintained and pest-free so there are no chances for vermin or birds to nest inside your car.

Frees up space in your garage. If you own an RV, why store it in front of your house and give it the possibility of being tagged as an eyesore by your neighbors? Keep bulky vehicles out of your porch and let them stay in storage instead. You will be cultivating peace of mind for you and the people next door instead of arguments.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll get from parking your car in a vehicle storage facility. It’s not just security you’ll be getting but you’ll also be protecting your investments, saving up money on maintenance, and maintaining relations with your neighbors.

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