Things to Remember When Driving on Ice in DFW

Whenever the season changes, so does the amount of traction between your tires and the road. And when the temperature reaches the freezing point, you better believe that ice will start forming on top of the asphalt.

Things to Remember When Driving on Ice

Even if you’ve been driving your rig for more than 10 years, you still need to take extra precaution when driving on ice. Accidents caused by black ice have claimed many lives and destroyed many properties over the years. To avoid becoming a statistic yourself, you need to make additional preparations when running deliveries during winter.

Be Prepared

Every delivery is like a new adventure. You have no idea of what can happen out there on the road, so it is best to prepare for any scenario, including emergency situations. Before leaving for any winter assignments, be sure to have the following items in your truck:

  • Extra clothing (preferably ones that suit the season)
  • A flashlight stored in the glove compartment
  • Blankets and food and water rations
  • A windshield scraper
  • Jumper cables
  • Tire chains and/or traction mats
  • A bag of salt or sand
  • Windshield washer fluid (bring extra)
  • At least half a tank of gas

Also, it is good to constantly check-in on weather updates to see how bad the snowfall or ice in your route will be.

Drive Slow and Steady

Speeding while the road is slippery is never a good idea. The traction between your wheels and the road is weaker, which makes your rig prone to sliding off the road. Be patient and take your time. Remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Also, always use caution when approaching elevated pathways like bridges and highways. These roads usually freeze first and aren’t always treated with de-icing materials.

Give Your Rig Plenty of Space

Your truck is huge, so always give yourself enough room when you’re on the road. It’ll be easier for you to maneuver your rig and create less tension with other drivers. What’s more, if you do approach an oncoming incident, you have enough space to timely avoid it.

If the Route’s Too Dangerous, Get Off the Road!

Never drive through dangerous weather and road conditions, like when you have melting snow or ice on the road. Choose to pull over and stop if you think that you’re putting yourself and your cargo in harm’s way. Getting to your destination on-time is not worth risking your safety.

Call for Help and Don’t Panic

If ever your truck is inches deep in snow, keep calm and call for help. Do not get out of the vehicle; instead, keep warm by shifting in your seat and bundling up with blankets and jackets. Keep your exhaust pipe clear of snow to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning, and slightly open the window to create ventilation. Once help arrives, be cooperative and head somewhere safe.

At Euless B&B Wrecker Service, we can help you through your travels, especially when you get caught in a bad winter accident. Our towing service can carry a variety of big and small rigs, so contact us at 817-857-6344 when you need help. We cater to those located in the surrounding areas of the Dallas and Fort-Worth, Texas Metroplex.