What to Do If Your Car Has Been Affected by Flooding

What to Do If Your Car Has Been Affected by Flooding

Severe storms can bring about dangerous floods, and if you weren’t able to park your car in a safe spot, it’ll encounter serious water damage. Floodwater can fill your engine and harm your vehicle’s electrical systems. It can even drench the interior and upholstery. Though your ride may look like it’s at the end of its life, all isn’t lost. Because you still have a chance to salvage your car if you apply these following tips:

1. Don’t Attempt to Start the Car

It might be tempting, but it’s better if you leave your car turned off. The extent of the damage is still unclear and starting it could make it irreparable, especially if there’s water trapped in the engine.

2. Determine the Level of Flood Damage by Checking the Waterline

Floodwater, mud, and debris usually leave a waterline inside and outside a submerged car. If the line didn’t rise above the bottom of the doors, then there’s a good chance that the vehicle is fine.

Take note that if you’re submitting a claim to your insurance provider, they’ll consider it totaled if the line is visible at the bottom of the dashboard.

3. Check Every Inch of Your Car

To determine the exact damage of your car, inspect the following areas for any problems:

  • Oil, air cleaners, and other fluids
  • Car cylinders
  • Electrical systems
  • Wheels and tires

Once you’ve made a detailed list of all the problems, move on to number 4.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

If your car is under a comprehensive automobile insurance policy, it’s the perfect time to call your insurance agent. Telling them the extent of the damage early speeds up the process, granting you the repair and replacement coverage you need.

5. Clean and Dry the Interior Immediately

Leaving your car seats, dashboard, and other components soaked encourages growth mold and mildew growth. Eliminating these irritants is not only difficult but an unnecessary expense, as well. Thus, it’s best to get rid of as much moisture as you can by opening the doors and windows. You can also place towels on the floor.

Don’t try to repurpose your wet carpets, seat padding, and upholstery. It’s better to have them replaced to ensure that your car is free from moisture damage.

6. When in Doubt, Call the Experts

If you’re having problems reviving your flood damaged car, call your preferred mechanic for help. The professionals have the experience and necessary tools to repair your vehicle, after all. You can also call your local towing company to help you transport your car to the shop.

If your car has been damaged by a flood, don’t panic. Your car has a better chance of being fixed if you stay calm and remember to follow these tips properly and quickly.

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