What to do When You Get in a Wreck

Even if you say that you’re a responsible driver, it’s still possible to find yourself in a road accident. You’re not the only vehicle present on the road, and it’s possible that you or other drivers will collide with one another. If you do find yourself in a traffic collision, the first thing you need to remember is not to panic. There are several ways you can turn the situation around and as long as you keep a level head, you can conduct the following steps to get out of the accident scene safely:

Check for Injuries

What to do When You Get in a Wreck

Before you’re able to get out of the vehicle, you need to make sure you and your passengers are uninjured. Though vehicles are built with airbags, it’s not a guarantee that everyone inside will stay 100% safe in the event of an accident. If no one was hurt during the incident, emerge quickly and deliberately from the vehicle. However, if you or your passengers have incurred serious injuries, it’s best to stay inside. Trying to get out of your car while injured can worsen wounds and/or fractures. If you can reach your phone to call for an ambulance, go ahead and make the call. Usually, there will be other drivers and passers-by who can make the call for you if you’re unable to reach your phone or if you happen to become unconscious.

Call Local Authorities

Once you’re out of your vehicle, contact the local authorities. It’s better to contact the police before anything else, so that you and the others involved are assisted immediately. Doing this first will keep you from creating more traffic. It also prevents altercations between the motorists involved.

Exchange Information with the Parties who are Involved

If you collided with other vehicles, it’s important to note down the other drivers’ information. The information you’ll receive will help you prove your insurance claim -- if your vehicle is properly insured. Remember not to share your policy limits with anyone but your insurance provider. What you’ll need to jot down are the following:

  • The name(s) of the driver and witnesses
  • The driver's address
  • Driver's home & cellphone number and Email address
  • Driver's license number
  • Driver’s insurance company

 You must also give the following information to the other drivers involved as well.

Write Down the Information of the Incident and Take Photos of the Wreck

Taking photos and writing the details of the accident will not only solidify your claim, but also help the authorities verify who was at fault. Make sure to cover all the angles of the accident. This will help show the extent of the damage your vehicle incurred. It’s also good to take note of the following details:

  • Time of the accident
  • Location of the accident
  • Description of the other car involved (model, make, year, color, license plate etc.)

Move Your Car to a Safe Area

When you have all the information you need, you can move your vehicle to a safe area - out of the road. Of course, this will depend on the state of your car. Moving your car will clear the road, and give other drivers a safe way to pass through.

Have Your Vehicle Professionally Towed

After everything’s been cleared and checked by the proper authorities, you’ll need to have your automobile towed. It’s not safe to drive around with a damaged vehicle, and it's nearly impossible to get a car running when it’s totaled. Having your car professionally towed ensures that the vehicle will be transported to the right place safely, whether it’s the nearest repair shop or your home.

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