What to Do When Your Car Becomes Submerged in Water

submerged car

One of the most frightening times anybody could have is when their car tips into a lake, or if they experience a crash off a bridge and their car becomes partially submerged in water. Even if, according to the National Safety Council, less than half of one percent of all car crashes end up in the water, it can happen and still happens. To ensure the safety of every person (whether yourself or someone else) here are our tips on what to do to make sure you survive this harrowing event.

Get Out Alive

  • Be prepared by keeping a rescue tool handy, on yourself or inside your car at all times. Buy yourself a "spring punch" tool, which has a pointy end that can shatter glass, if you're seated in the back of your car. Keep a hammer handy in your glove compartment to easily shatter your windshield, back or side windows. The good thing about the spring punch tool is that it can be attached to your keychain, so keep it with you at all times.
  • Remove your seatbelt right away, and remove all seatbelts of passengers in the vehicle and open the doors or windows as fast as you can, especially if your car is only partially submerged. The water pressure makes opening the door very difficult, so speed and keeping calm is key in this situation.

Equalize the Pressure

If you're sinking rapidly, however, it may be a good idea to wait for the water pressure in your car to become equal to the pressure outside of the vehicle. Keep calm and take deep breaths of air, and get rid of heavy clothing, such as shoes or jeans, as these will severely weigh you down while swimming for the surface. When you see that the water is halfway to the window, breathe deeply and roll down the window. Stay in a corner, where an air pocket should form. When the water stops rushing inside the vehicle, take one last breath of air and swim away to safety, slowly exhaling as you go. Only attempt this if you have failed in cracking open the windows or doors, as this is for someone who can hold their breath for awhile underwater.

Children First

Children may have a harder time fighting back against water pressure or swimming quickly to the surface, so make sure they can get out first--push them out if you have to. Try freeing the seatbelts of the older children first so they can escape, then carry the youngest one out in your arms. 

Call for Help

Once you and any passengers inside the car have escaped, you can now call for help for your car and get yourself and your passengers dry as quickly as possible; and this is the point where we can help. If you need reliable roadside assistance that won't leave you drowning, you can definitely rely on us at Euless B&B Wrecker Service. We've been providing reliable and proper towing services throughout Euless and North Texas since 1954. We have roadside assistance, towing and wrecker services and an extensive dedicated team to serve you 24 hours a day. If you’re in the North Texas area, don’t hesitate to call 817-857-6344 in dire case of emergencies, right now!